Recently, seafood market is popular


Business News (Reporter Zheng Wei) Welcome to the New Y […]

Business News (Reporter Zheng Wei) Welcome to the New Year, happy, seafood package has become a hot product at the moment. According to Wang Zhiqiang, the head of Hangzhou Wangdain Seafood Co., Ltd., 2017 is a year of seafood. The quality and price of seafood are very cute. “The store contains 12 kinds of Zhoushan seafood including yellow croaker, squid and crab. The big gift bag, with a net weight of 3,500 grams and a price of 900 yuan, is popular among the public. Many people order through the online platform such as WeChat public number 'Wang Danian Zhoushan Seafood' or directly to the store."

According to the market monitoring statistics of the Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce (Hangzhou Grain Bureau), compared with last week, the supply of pork continued to increase this week; the wholesale price of pork and vegetables decreased slightly, and the price of ordinary eggs increased slightly.

This week, the average daily supply of pork in the urban area was 10,764, an increase of 2.15% compared with last week. The wholesale price of white meat was 20.63 yuan/kg per day, down 3.24% from last week. This week, the retail price of meat is 33.11 yuan / kg, sandwich meat 30.15 yuan / kg, leg meat 29.99 yuan / kg, whole meat 34.67 yuan / kg, compared with last week, respectively rose 1.04%, down 0.17%, down 0.03% And rose by 0.61%.

The average daily trading volume of vegetables this week was 2,420 tons, an increase of 1.61% compared with last week. This week, the retail price of vegetables was 5.2 yuan/kg, Chinese cabbage was 3.82 yuan/kg, and cabbage was 5.09 yuan/kg. Compared with last week, it fell 0.19%, fell 4.02% and fell 0.78%.

The retail price of ordinary eggs this week was 11.36 yuan per kilogram, up 0.62% compared with last week; the retail price of ordinary duck eggs was 15.61 yuan per kilogram, down 2.19% from last week.

The price of home-made aquatic products increased slightly, among which squid (about 400 grams) was 24.52 yuan/kg, grass carp (about 750 grams) was 17.83 yuan/kg, carp (about 500 grams) was 23.39 yuan/kg, Baotou fish. (Article weight is about 1000 grams) 18.46 yuan / kg, compared with last week, up 1.28%, up 1.89%, up 0.39% and up 1.21%.