Eight kinds of seafood fishing season in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, are forbidden for sale. The farmer's market is actually in stock.


As China's multiple sea areas enter the summer season, […]

As China's multiple sea areas enter the summer season, from May 8 to August 1, Zhejiang Province prohibits the sale of large yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, silver carp, octopus, squid, three-spotted crab, faucet fish, and shrimp carp. Chilled or living aquatic products. Is Dinghai District strictly prohibiting the sale of these fish products as required? In the past few days, the reporter visited the farmer's market in some towns (streets) and found that the situation was not satisfactory.

  At the Mawei Street Farmers Market, the reporter found fresh small yellow croakers in front of a aquatic product stall. The stall operators explained that such small yellow croakers belonged to farmed yellow croakers and were not prohibited from selling. Subsequently, the business owner whispered to reporters whether they needed to buy fresh fish, and took out a few fresh fish from the shelter under the booth. "This is a box of fresh squid that I just entered today. You can pick it casually. There is absolutely no problem with freshness." The business owner told reporters that the octopus on the stalls is frozen, and the fresh goods are generally not easily sold openly. I am worried about being reported and investigated. The business owner sighed. "A few days ago, I heard that there were 4 stolen fishing boats on the Putuo side. The supply was reduced, and the purchase price was higher."

  In front of a certain aquatic product stall in the farmer's market in Xiaosha Street, the reporter found the leading fish that was banned during the off-season fishing season. When the business came to the door, the business owners warmly greeted: "The fish are very fresh, they are all in the middle of the night, so there are so many left, this is not available every day." The business owner told reporters that because of the relevant work day The investigation and punishment of banned fish stocks is more intense, they only dare to sell faucet fish on weekends.

  In the farmer's market in Baiquan Town, the reporter also saw the ban on fish, such as faucet fish, silver carp, and octopus. A fishery stall operator told reporters that the daily leading fish sales of the stalls are relatively stable, and many food and beverage owners come to buy them every day. The business owner said that some time ago, law enforcement officers came to the sniper for inspection, registered, confiscated the leading fish, and fined the money. How do these fish products come from? In the interview, there was a fishery business owner who said the truth. "This is not a problem. Every weekend, the fishing boat on the Putuo side will sneak out of the boat and bring the fish back. There will also be vendors selling goods from other places to sell to us."

Reporter's testimony

  The implementation of the suspended fishing system in Zhejiang Province is to better achieve the goal of “three wins” for resource protection, increased fishermen's income, and stable fishing areas. However, the off-season fishing season is only half, and some illegal stealing sales have risen. In the interview, many business owners have a very good understanding of the newly-mentioned investigation cases, but they have not sounded the alarm, and they are still taking risks to “make small moves”. The danger of overfishing is about everyone. The suspension of fishing in the summer is not only a matter of the marine fishery and other sectors, but also related to every practitioner and consumer. To enhance the awareness of marine protection, everyone is responsible. Only in this way can the Zhejiang fishery revitalization goal be realized. In addition, the relevant functional departments should strengthen the source management and end management, and continue to "plus" the joint law enforcement, expand the scope of inspection, ensure that no blind spots are left, and further fill the "short board" of illegal fish sales supervision.